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Strumming & Sew Much More

Once our first program is firmly established, we hope to next launch our second program in which we work to connect our youth of today with lonely elders.

Many young people spend countless hours in self absorbing activities on their digital devices. If we could take just one hour from the time a young person generally spends on their gaming system or phone, and teach them to use their hands to learn a creative skill, what could they do with it?

We think they could learn to play a musical instrument or sew and craft items. We also feel the skill will enable them to engage in a meaningful visit with a lonely elder.

What happens if you ask a young, empty handed individual to visit with an elder? It might make a youth feel awkward. How can they relate to someone decades older?

Consider what happens if you provide a skill to that young person to share with the elder.  They will have a purpose in visiting.

In a future program, we hope to obtain grant money and provide free musical and sewing lessons to young people. Many have time, potential talent, and interest, but lack the financial means to pay for private lessons. We then will work to facilitate ways the young people can share their music or hand crafted items with elderly individuals, who are need of socialization.

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