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Our First Program:

Reading For A Cause

Jenny Appleseed Organization's first program is entitled Reading For A Cause. We create, publish, and promote wholesome books; arranging for fifty to one hundred percent of book royalties and proceeds to be given to another charity for their work with children or the elderly. Although not required, we ask the receiving charity to consider partnering with us to promote the book.


We will donate 100% of our first three books' royalties to our chosen charity. For future books, the percentage given to our chosen charity will be on the back book cover and on our web site. Information regarding our chosen nonprofit can also be found on our website and the book back cover. In future, if less than 100% of royalties are allotted to our chosen charity, then the money will go to help maintain this and other programs we may initiate. This information will also be on our website. In order to be selected as a chosen charity, the nonprofit must be involved in work to help children or the elderly with their education, religious, psychosocial, physical, or health needs.   The chosen charity must also be classified as a 501(C)3 organization by the IRS.  Our board of directors and executive director select charities for the program. Many of our books are geared towards children and include a moral lesson.

 We also conduct character education programs for young children within local area organizations.  We use our books during these sessions to teach children a positive character trait.  We read the book to the children and use fun and engaging activities to reinforce the positive character trait which the book emphasizes.  Examples of positive character traits we reinforce in our stories include but are not limited to the following: listening to your parents, encouraging others who are less popular or talented, learning to base opinions on facts rather than misguided gossip, learning to be kind to others. During these sessions we also explain to young children how they can help others by simply purchasing and reading a book.

​After each of our program sessions, a letter is sent home to parents explaining about our chosen charity and how a book purchase will benefit our the charity's work while simultaneously providing a wholesome story for their child.  At times we are able to provide free books to children in our sessions when we obtain sponsors to purchase and donate the books. Parents are encouraged to read a donated book again to their child, discuss the positive character trait, and consider purchasing an additional copy for a friend. 

Our first book was published in 2019 and is entitled Finmore’s Humongous Talking Worm.

In 2020 and 2021 our program, like many organizations’ programs, was affected by the pandemic. In 2022 we have plans to release our second book! Our second book will be a story book combined with activity pages. It is entitled, "Finmore Meets Dr. Puffer." We hope individuals will consider purchasing copies to send to sick children in hospital pediatric units. Therefore, the book will hopefully lift the spirits of sick children while proceeds will go to benefit our second chosen charity with their work. We are excited about this!

Illustration from one of our stories
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