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More detailed Information can also be found by selecting "Our Programs" at the top of our web page and reading about how  our program, Reading For A Cause, helps multiple children. 


You may purchase paperback copies through most any online book store. For purchasers in the United States, you may also directly order through us.  In order to purchase a paperback book directly from us follow these steps 1)email; 2)place in the subject "book order" 3) In the body of the email please note if you would like to submit a check or pay via pay pal. 4) We will respond with directions on how to submit a check, or if you prefer to pay electronically, we will email you an invoice via PayPal. (Please note we ship one time per week. The cost of our first book is $14.95 which includes tax for NC purchasers. There is a $1.99 shipping fee.) 


Below is a description of our first two books and information regarding the organizations to which we send our proceeds. As we continue to create books, we will update our list.

Would you like to see inside of our first book? View our You Tube Video by following this link in your browser:

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Our First Book
Finmore's Humongous Talking Worm

Finmore spends many happy hours in Ocean Flora Village playing fish ball and other games with his friends, but his favorite past time is lounging and watching the fishermen's worms. Finmore feels sure he is strong enough to resist even the fattest and most appealing worm. Although his mother has warned him about temptation, Finmore has trouble quite grasping the meaning of temptation-at such a young age. Then one day Finmore encounters the most humongous worm he has every spied in his little fish life. And could it be? Yes! He even hears it calling his name! What will Finmore do? Read a beautifully illustrated story to a young child. From a little fish, let them learn a very big lesson regarding the power of temptation and the gift of second chances in life.  In turn, your book purchase will also be helping children through our partnering charity.  One hundred percent of the book royalties are given to TeachBeyond Ministries. Read below about their work.

About TeachBeyond Ministries

TeachBeyond is a mission organization that wholeheartedly desires to serve our Father’s world, to love Jesus Christ, and to see individuals and communities transformed by His Spirit through education. TeachBeyond currently has nearly 800 full-time members in over 50 countries serving children in a variety of schools, language centers, camps, and other educational programs. Proceeds from book sales of Finmore’s Humongous Talking Worm will be allocated towards three specific projects noted below that are supported through TeachBeyond's Global Impact Fund.

  FATEB Kinshasa Academy is a school in the Democratic Republic of the Congo that was created to be a “best practice school” for the education system of the entire country of the DRC.

In 2019, TeachBeyond English Camps impacted over 900 campers and students in 10 countries at 25 camps. In all of the camps — whether they are in Latin America, Europe, or Central and Southeast Asia — a consistent trend has been that many, many students come from homes and communities where there is despair, hurt, loneliness, depression, suicide, addiction, and more. Together, the short-term teams and local staff work to create a safe, warm, loving environment.

BridgeWay North American School in Mexico City is a bilingual school that opened in 2017 with a twofold mission. The first aspect of that mission is to provide a quality education for the children of missionaries who are working to establish Evangelical churches and serve the local people in Mexico City. BridgeWay North American School also provides a strategic outreach opportunity to the local population since it is able to serve many Mexican families that would never attend any sort of Evangelical church event. Through utilizing a bilingual curriculum and a biblically-based moral framework, the school has been able to establish an environment where God is transforming missionary kids as well as local Mexican families.  

Our Second Book

Finmore Meets Doctor Puffer and Nurse Octi

An Activity and Storybook

Finmore Fish tries desperately to hide that he is not feeling well from both his mother and his teacher. When his fever makes the water steam in his Ocean Flora Village classroom and his sneezing (feezing) can no longer be ignored, he dreads the imminent trip to the local pediatrician (pediafishian). He is convinced that Dr. Puffer will angrily blow up and that Nurse Octi will hold him down for a shot with all eight tentacles.  Why? Word has circulated among his popular classmates, including pretty Farah Fish, about Dr. Puffer and Nurse Octi.  Surely his friends can be trusted!  Imagine Finmore’s surprise when his local pediafishian and his nurse are both helpful and pleasant.  At a time when young children are faced with multiple misrepresentations and uncertainties about their world, Finmore’s story encourages young children to seek the truth in all they do.  At the back of the beautifully illustrated book are coloring pages that will teach some basic roles of several health care professionals that children may someday encounter. These are followed by a few fun Ocean Flora activity pages

Proceeds from this book are given to the NC Baptists Children's Homes. You may learn more how they are working to meet the needs of children by visiting their website at

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